First Patron Hangout Scheduled For July 26th, 2014


Our First Patreon: Patron Hangout has now been scheduled for Saturday July 26th, 2014 at 3:00PM ET.

Come to a casual meet and greet conversation with Hosts HeadHardHat and wife Amy the HeadHardHatress for an informal conversation about geocaching joined by geocachers from around the world.


First off this will be strictly for our viewers and listeners who are registered into our Patreon Program.  Becoming a Patron is simple, go to and select the Meet and Greet Google+ Hangout reward. For a pledge of $26.00US you will not only be included in all of our monthly Patron Hangouts but you will also receive our weekly Patron Pre-Show Podcast and be eligible for any Patron Contests.

You can become a Patron at any time though we ask that you make your initial pledge by July 25th to insure that your invitation will be sent to you in time.

If you are already a Patron your invitation to our July Patron Hangout will be going out very soon. With it you will be given a special url to watch the hang out LIVE as it happens and several will be invited to join right in and participate in the hang out itself. If you are not able to attend the hangout live you will receive a private url to the recorded hangout to be viewed at your leisure.

More information to come in the next few days. Be sure to become a Patron and not only help the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast but get in on the fun as well.

See you there!

Andy HeadHardHat Smith
Amy the HeadHardHatress