GSRP’s May 2016 Geocoin Contest – Alaska Salmon

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Salmon! I am sure in Alaska salmon are not only tasty for humans but the bears seem to think so as well. designed and created an amazing three geocoin set with matching proxy coins which sold out very quickly. They also donated two sets to the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast as prizes.

So this month for three weeks we will be giving away two of the three geocoins to Cache Stash winners and one viewer as we do the show live.
We are not saying which weeks are which so you are going to have to pay attention. Details will be disclosed on each show for this month.

The grand prize is for one lucky winner to win the entire set of three coins and three matching proxy coins. That will be done by drawing. Here are the details:
You can send in one entry per geocaching alias name (your geocaching name). Include your address and geocaching name in your email entry.
Email your entry to Subject: May 2016 Geocoin Contest.

Contest Entries Must Be In By: May 25, 2016 and we will do the drawing live on the Thursday May 26, 2016 show.

For our contributing patrons (aka you are continuing to send us money each week) We will add a second matching entry for two chances to win. You must send in your original entry and be a contributing patreon to qualify.

Good Luck to Everyone!