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For Cachers Serious About Leaving Their Mark

This exclusive web page is for our viewers and listeners of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast.

Found within will be special featured products, listener specials and promotion codes provided by this sponsor.

Please have a look around and take advantage of all the geocaching greatness that is being provided and keep coming back because items and promotions can change on a daily basis.

GxProxy Featured Product:



Anodized aluminum hiker’s safety whistle available in multiple colors and custom engraving.

Safety is key and every Park Ranger will tell you a Safety Whistle is one of the most important pieces of hiking equipment every outdoor enthusiast should have.  You can only shout for minutes before you’re out of breath and energy, but you can blast on one of these quality whistles for days with ease.  We all hope we’ll never need rescue, but better to be safe and your custom signature might just save another cacher down the trail, too!

Make your mark with a signature item that is beautiful, unique and functional.  Engrave your geonick, your logo, event or anything else you can fit.  I’ve been leaving these behind as my signature and getting rave reviews for years so when we decided to launch the website this item was at the very top of our list of must-haves.

Quality polished aluminum construction and multiple anodized colors combined with a great price equals a perfect solution For Cachers Serious About Leaving Their Mark.

Makes Great Swag… Order yours Today!

Click Here


 Have Different Tags Made With The Same GC Code!!!

Name Tag Trackable

Name Tag Primary Image 2


It’s time to go to events in style with your colorful new trackable Name Tag.  Personalize yours with your official Geonick, Hometown or other text. An optional receiver pocket with a Triple X rare earth magnet to hold and display your favorite Tag is even available…Be the first to show off your tag with pride while meeting others!
We are also offering custom Name Plates which have an option to show off a Path Tag.
We offer the Tic Tag Pins or Magnet for wearing them.
We can even take a number from a “Hello” tag and use it on the custom one. No more having to use a Sharpie or Label.
Lot of color choices as well.
Another new offer is to make Club Logo Name Tags.
GxProxy is currently making them for WSGA,, GGA, NEPAG and Allegany Rangers. NO minimum and just a $25 set-up that is good for any item they want to use it on.


Ground Zero Lights with Magnet and Hanger Hook for as little as $3.00

Great for unexpected guests, just keep a few wrapped under the tree. Place in glove box of every car and hang in closet or lower cabinets.



Signal Necklace, Earrings or Medium Zipper Pull



We now have Signal Jewelry – Earrings or Zipper Pulls or JUMBO for hanging on a backpack or wearing – all are trackable and have a unique Signal icon.


Ground Zero Search/Trail Light for Nightcachers


 Price: $4.49

The light I wish I’d found years ago for night caching!  27 LEDs of illumination, customizable and lightweight.  Comes in 5 colors and is pre-loaded with 3 AAA batteries!

Each LED Bulb is rated for 50,000 hours of illumination.  Quick-switch between 24LED floodlight and 3LED flashlight setting.  Ergonomic, high-impact, shatterproof ABS case has a 360 degree rotation hanging hook and even a magnetic hanger for hands-free cache hunting!  4.25″ x 2.75″ x 2″ and only .11lbs makes this the perfect accessory for the nocturnal caching adventure.

Upgrade by getting yours engraved with your geonick free of charge 🙂   Take it a step further with a Groundspeak tracking code* and you can even “dip” your light everywhere you go for a permanent record of your mileage!

20 Character Limit (Arial Bold)) on one side of your customized product.  We encourage less than 16 letters for best results.

* All tracking codes supplied through GxProxy will display a unique GxProxy Trackable icon  unless optional custom icon is purchased.

** Trackability at geocaching.com requires Groundspeak tracking codes available at current rates set by Groundspeak and designs for trackables must be approved by Grounspeak staff.   Custom Icons, Trackable Names and Prefixes are available per Groundspeak guidelines.


  • Item #: GZ000010


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