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Cache Advance – September 2015 Cache Crate Unboxing – Geocaching

Recorded LIVE on the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast – Hosts HeadHardHat and Wife Amy did an official unboxing of Cache Advance’s September 2015 Cache Crate.

Cache Create is a monthly present for you to enjoy!

If you cannot see the video above please use this URL:

It was a whole lot of fun because we did not know what was inside waiting for us and best of all we will be giving away as a special promotion on the show a three month subscription for the Cache Crates! All the details are in this video. Be sure to check it out!

All of the Contest Rules Can Be Found HERE: http://geosnippits.com/cache-crate-contest-2015/

Be sure to check out all the Cache Crate options by going here at Cache Advance: http://www.cache-advance.com/cachecrate.asp

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