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GeoWoodStock XIII 2015 is Almost Here!

Yes Indeed! Both Wife Amy and myself are very excited about GeoWoodstock XIII almost being here.

GeoWoodstock XIII Headhardhat

We will be hitting the road the Thursday before the May 23rd, 2015 Mega Event. We can’t wait so we can take in the sights, sounds and other attractions leading to Saturday. There is so much to do and we want to start our roadtrip to Maryland NOW! Alas we will have to be patient just a bit longer.

If you are planning on going to GeoWoodstock XIII we hope you already registered. It closed this last Sunday. We were told there will be some swag items available but it is first come first serve so they won’t last long. You can tho post your Will Attend to the Geocaching.com website to let them know you and the people with you will be there.

Here are some links you may be interested in:

GeoWoodStock main website: http://www.geowoodstock.com/gws13/index.html

Geocaching Webpage for GeoWoodstock XIII: http://coord.info/GC54840

GeoWoodStock XIII Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeoWoodstockXIII