The best brow bars for whether you want a tidy-up or a transformation (2024)

The best brow bars for whether you want a tidy-up or a transformation (1)

There's no denying the transformative effects of a professional brow treatment; shaped just right, they'll frame your features while adding structure and definition to your face.

While a classic shape and tint is always a worthy booking, there's now a wealth of innovative treatments to consider for more transformative results – from the hyper-realistic microblading (a semi-permanent make-up technique achieved using a precision blade formed of tiny needles), to the stylised lamination (a chemical treatment delivering fuller, fluffier, more uniform brows lasting around six weeks).

Whether you favour threading, waxing or tweezing to define yours; and tinting, tattooing or lamination to enhance them further, discover the Bazaar guide to the best brow bars in London and beyond before making an appointment.

Suman Brows at Hershesons

Suman Jalaf's brow technicians can now be found at the stellar Hershesons flagship salon on London's Berners Street.

From a classic shape and tint to semi-permanent microblading, there's something on the menu for everyone. Book in for a spot of monthly maintenance, or head in for a pre-event makeover, complete with a lash lift or set of extensions.

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Shavata Singh Brows and Lashes

With her eponymous brow bars dotted across the country, including two in London (at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, and in Chiswick), it's safe to say that Shavata Singh is a brow connoisseur. Her trained technicians focus on delivering high-quality treatments in just 15 minutes. As well as threading and tinting they also offer semi-permanent brow make-up and brow lamination.

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Blink Brow Bar

Pioneers of the high street brow service, Blink Brow Bar has perfected the art of speedy threading. Available in a number of department stores nationwide, from Harvey Nichols and Liberty to John Lewis, Blink has made perfect brows accessible to all.

Book a traditional (and consistently flawless) threading session, or opt for the more advanced microblading or brow lamination treatments. BBB can do it all.

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The Dermaspa clinic

A famed destination for cutting-edge aesthetic treatments, the Dermaspa clinic in Milton Keynes is the brainchild of Nilam Holmes – the beauty boss who founded the innovative HD Brows treatment back in 2008. More recently she launched luxury product line Eyebrow Queen, the name a reflection of her reign over the British brow scene.

Book in for Holmes’ signature bespoke brow treatment, which combines tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming for a look tailored to your facial features. In addition, the clinic offers lamination, delivering eye-opening glossy brows.

For more information visit

Nails & Brows Mayfair

Meghan Markle has previously had her brows seen to by Sherrille Riley, founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair, which is the Mayfair destination to get shaped at.

Meghan had 'The Audrey' look; inspired by the late, great Ms Hepburn, it combines waxing, tweezing and threading to get the perfect power brow.

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Urban Retreat

Situated at the grand White House in Knightsbridge, Urban Retreat is a truly modern beauty destination, offering a one-stop-shop for all your appointments.

Managing director Reena Hammer knows the best in the business, which is why her brow experts were trained by the revered Jalaf (noted above). Book in for a classic shape and tint, or opt for the treatments of the moment, microblading or brow lamination.

For more information visit

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Benefit Brow Bar

If waxing is more your thing over threading, then Benefit's signature Brow Arch is the treatment made for you. The real plus point here is that it's great for last-minute grooming – you don't have to worry about booking an appointment, just walk into any of the brand's boutiques (plus the counters in various Boots and department stores around the UK).

However, we do recommend booking in for a brow tint as well to add extra definition.

For more information visit

Kallinika Aynsley at DryBy London

Kallinika Aynsley, who offers services in central London at DryBy and The Berkeley hotel, plus in Loughton, Essex, is adept at a range of leading aesthetic brow techniques. Our favourite is 'the hyperrealism brow', a semi-permanent enhancement done using a machine to create a soft and natural fluffy effect that has movement and texture. In addition, the artist offers services like microblading as well as more traditional waxing and tinting – all of which receive rave results from her dedicated clientele.

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Emerald Brows by Jigna Soni

Jigna Soni is behind the brows of some famous and lauded Londoners; from Emma Watson to Dina Asher-Smith. One of the UK's top brow talents, she's trained with the likes of Nilam Holmes and at Blink Brow Bar (see both, above).

Soni recently opened her own studio within the Ozzie Rizzo Salon, Mayfair, where her signature offerings include HD Brows (a brand of bespoke treatments, available nationwide), brow lamination, and brow resurrection for the over-plucked.

For more information visit

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Browfique (formerly Brow Bar London)

Browfique in Belgravia are pros at semi-permanent make-up services like 'powder brows' – using an ultra-fine tattoo needle and a Permanent Makeup (PMU) device to deliver pigment to the skin –and lamination.

Like a perm for your brows, lamination involves brushing the brow hairs into a perfectly straight formation, then 'laminating' them with a setting solution. The result is full, feathery brows that last for up to two months – without the need for a brow gel.

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Vaishaly Patel has long been the insider's go-to for face-framing brows. Working out of her eponymous salon in Marylebone, Patel's precision thread-and-tint technique will lift and sharply define your arches. After something a little more permanent? The team also offers natural-looking microblading.

For more information visit

Lash Perfect

Yes they do lashes, but they are also great with brows – after all, a set of lashes needs a polished brow to look perfect. With services ranging from semi-permanent individual lashes, which can last up to 12 weeks, to party lashes and lash gems that last up to three days, you're bound to have hours of fun here. They also offer brow enhancements including 'Hi Brow threading' for a precise brow shape, microblading to add semi-permanent pigment, and eyebrow extensions to add thickness to sparse brows.

For more information visit

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Whether visiting for threading, tinting, or the HD Lamination (the ultimate treatment to shape, tint and tame, should you want bold results), Pre- salon in London's Islington are expert at brow sculpting.

A one-stop-beauty-shop, they also offer other threading services, lash tints and LVL lash lifts, facials, manicures, pedicures, and waxing all under one roof.

For more information visit


Cowshed now boasts spa outposts across the globe, from London's Primrose Hill to Barcelona and Berlin.

A perfect eyebrow shape is just one of the treatments worth booking in for – with interiors this cosy, you'll want to stay all day.

For more information visit

The best brow bars for whether you want a tidy-up or a transformation (2024)
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